What is your best-selling product?

  • Without a doubt, it’s our Live Dungeness Crab. 

How do you keep Dungeness Crabs alive during transit?

  • Once the Dungeness Crabs are caught and brought to the dock by our fisherman, they are then put into large, open-top tanks where they will stay for 24 hours in a nutrient filled seawater solution. To prepare the live crabs for shipment, we place bands around their front claws and then put them in cold water to sedate them for their journey. The crabs are then either trucked or flown to their destination within 24 hours. 

Do you provide a local pick up option?

  • Yes, if you are in the area and would prefer to pick up your order from our Anacortes facility just complete your order here Pick Up Form

Do you ship Seafood all year long?

  • Yes, we ship Live Dungeness Crab and Wild Sockeye Salmon all year. The Spot Prawn season is relatively short- usually starts in May and lasts 6-8 weeks.

How soon after receiving my crab do I need to cook it?

  • We recommend cooking the crab within 12 hours after delivery. The sooner the better.

Do you ship Live Dungeness Crab everyday?

  • Shipments are made via FedEx Priority Overnight service to make sure they arrive at your door in peak freshness. Overnight shipments cannot be delivered on Sunday’s, Monday’s, major holidays, or the day after major holidays due to FedEx’s operating schedule.

Where does your Dungeness Crab come from?

  • We catch it daily off the Washington, Oregon and California Coast. 

How much does it cost to ship a box of Live Dungeness Crab?

  • Our shipping costs are dependant on FedEx and their rates. If you take your purchase through to shipping, you will see your costs after you add your address.

Im in Washington state, can I purchase and pick up directly from your facility?

  • Yes, feel free to call our front office and arrange for pickup! 360-293-5200

When you say “Live Seafood” do you actually mean it’s alive?

  • You bet! We take special care in the handling and care of our product, so don’t get pinched!

How do you keep the Dungeness Crab alive?

  • Our crab are kept in larges tanks with a constant flow or seawater running through them. Our system adds nutrients while removing waste to keep our crabs less crabby.

Do you have your own fisherman?

  • We do not employ fishermen, we instead have our own fleet of trusted fisherman. 

How do you cook Live Dungeness Crab?

Do you ship to just US or internationally?

  • Yes, we ship wholesale only internationally. Go to our wholesale page and fill out an application for contact us for more information.

How quick will I receive my Live Dungeness Crab?

  • In most cases quickest you will receive your order is 2 days from purchase. We pack and ship orders next day and all orders are shipped priority overnight.